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Who's Gravy?

Gravy is a done-for-you service that delivers personalized failed payment recovery & customer retention at scale.

Gravy Partners Well With:

Fractional CFOs

Why Partner?

We make you the HERO to your clients, you stay on retainer AND you get commissions from Gravy.

Private Equity & VCs

Why Partner?

Increase the valuation of your portfolio by reducing churn & increasing predictable, recurring revenue.

Payment Processors

Why Partner?

You want more "smooth and success" transactions processed on your platform, and we can ensure it happens.


Why Partner?

You've got influence, so why not further extend your thought leadership and make more passive income?

Revenue Already Returned to Businesses...


We Go Together Like...

Peanut Butter & Jelly  |  Peas & Carrots  |  Biscuits & Gravy

Here's How It Works...

Do you know prospects that desperately need help recovering failed credit card payments and customers for their subscription-based or e-commerce business?

Send them our way!

You Refer

Gravy Serves

After you make the introduction, our team will take it from here!

The prospect will be tagged as your referral, hand held through the sales process, given a seat on the Gravy Train and start recovering lost revenue.

Everybody Wins

Your prospect recovers lost revenue & accelerates growth.

You earn income and  increase the valuation of your clients.

Gravy pays a 10% commission on every referred client.

Hear From A Current Gravy Client...

Platforms We Integrate With:

Online Courses


Health & Fitness

SaaS & Startups

Sample Industries Served

How Much Revenue Does the Average Business Lose Each Month Through Churn?

Length: 35 seconds
Host: Gravy Co-Founder, Casey Graham

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